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What happened before the Big Bang? Was there even a Big Bang? These are the questions that plague theoretical physicists in their quest to understand the universe.

black hole event horizon grimace

Now a scientist is adding a new wrinkle to the fabric of space…our entire universe could exist in the black hole of another universe, reports National Geographic.

Modern theories about the Big Bang suggest that about 15 billion years ago, everything in our universe, all the mass and energy, existed in a single, finite point.

Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us a black hole is a giant star that collapses into a single point, with gravity so strong not even light can escape.

Nikodem Poplawski with the University of New Haven speculates that the seed for our universe could have been planted in a black hole.

Black hole maximillian

But this theory would depend on the existence of other universes that exist parallel to our own.

Dr. Poplawski suggests that everything sucked into a black hole is scrunched down to an impossibly small point and then explodes outward, creating alternate universes.

And one of those universes just might be our own.

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