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dildo fish

Bjorn Frilund had caught a large cod in the waters of western Norway.

As he was gutting his catch, he felt a big lump in its belly. First he removed two partially digested herrings, then an orange vibrator.

“I was astonished,” he told The Local, an English language newsource from Norway. “It was totally unexpected. I had never seen anything like this before.”

His theory is that the fish, which weighed over 10 pounds, thought the sex toy was going to be a tasty treat and swallowed it whole.

“Fish eat all kinds of different things,” said Frilund. “And the dildo looks like what the fish eat. We have a kind of multi-coloured octopus in Norway, maybe the cod thought this was one of these and ate it.”

As to where the sex toy came from, he thinks a “a frustrated woman on a cruise” probably threw it into the Barents Sea.

A version of this story appears on CBSConnecticut.