NEW YORK (CBS Houston) – It was a hero’s welcome for the last known surviving 9/11 rescue dog.

Bretagne (pronounced like Brittany) the golden receiver and his handler Denise Corliss were part of the thousands of volunteers who rushed to New York City to help after the towers fell.

They were, and still are, members of Texas Task Force 1, the state’s elite emergency response team.

“Responding to New York City was our first deployment,” Carliss told BarkPost. “I just couldn’t believe the magnitude and then I looked down at [Bretagne] and she seemed stoked and ready to work,”

Bretagne, who was just two at the time, celebrated her 16th birthday in New York.

She was lavished with gifts and when Corliss took Bretagne for a walk in Times Square, New Yorkers would stop and thank both of them for their service.

Later the duo was presented with a Tiffany “bone to the dog park,” the canine equivalent of the Key to the City.