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LUMBERTON, Texas (CBS Houston) – A Texas cheerleader routing commemorating the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks has gone viral.

Crystalynn Petoskey posted a video on her Facebook page last Friday. It’s been shared nearly 800,000 times and has viewed nearly 24 million times.

“So good, it’ll make you cry,” wrote the Lumberton High School student.

In the video, the cheerleaders perform to music mixed with audio of news reports from that fateful day.

Coach Lauren Sheffield told Buzzfeed News the squad has performed a 9/11 tribute every year since 2002. She even performed the routine when she was a cheerleader at the school.

Students tweeted rave reviews of the performance.

Others chimed in with praise.

Some viewers were critical of the routine.

But no matter the response, the cheerleaders themselves say their routine was meant to honor the victims.