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LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) – We’re still a long way from Steven Spielberg’s A.I., in which fully functional robots catered to a client’s every sexual whim.

But even so, one woman has begun a campaign calling for a ban on the development of amorous androids.

Dr. Kathleen Richardson is a robot ethicist at De Montfort University in Leicester, England.

“Sex robots seem to be a growing focus in the robotics industry and the models that they draw on – how they will look, what roles they would play – are very disturbing indeed,” she told the BBC.

Richardson fears such machines will reinforce traditional stereotypes of women as sex objects.

“We think that the creation of such robots will contribute to detrimental relationships between men and women, adults and children, men and men and women and women,” she explained.

But developers of sex machines argue they are providing a much needed service.

True Companion is promising to launch “the world’s first sex robot,” Roxxxy, later this year.

Company CEO Douglas Hines says the robot can help provide happiness and fulfillment.

“We are not supplanting the wife or trying to replace a girlfriend. This is a solution for people who are between relationships or someone who has lost a spouse,” he told the BBC. “The physical act of sex will only be a small part of the time you spend with a sex robot – the majority of time will be spent socializing and interacting.”