ROME (CBSDC) – It’s not just American beauty queens who can say dumb things in the heat of competition.

The new Miss Italy is being ridiculed after botching a relatively easy question.

Alice Sabatini was asked which Italian historical figure she most admired.

Rather than choosing say, Christopher Columbus, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Lorenzo de Medici, or even Roberto Benigni, she went with a less conventional choice: “Michael Jordan, the greatest player in basketball history.”

The 18-year-old plays in one of Italy’s professional basketball leagues and has a tattoo of the former NBA player’s logo on her hip, reports The Telegraph.

And it’s not her first time being embarrassed with an enigmatic statement.

Sabatini was ridiculed after selecting “1942” as the historical time period she would like to live in. That year was one of the darkest years of World War II and fascist Italy under Mussolini.

She later explained that her 91-year-old great-grandmother lived through the war and is one of the strongest people in her life.

But that didn’t stop an Italian satirical news program from awarding her a “Tapiro d’Oro” (Golden Tapir), a mock prize for celebrities who suffer public humiliation.