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TAMPA (CBS Tampa) – George Zimmerman retweeted a photo of the body of Trayvon Martin.

Twitter user @SeriousSlav posted the photo with the caption: “@TheRealGeorgeZ Z-Man is a one man army”

Zimmerman then retweeted the image to more than 10,000 followers on his account. The tweet was deleted shortly after it was published.

Zimmerman retweeted the image on Friday, reported Rawstory.com, but the tweet is no longer on his profile.

It’s not clear if Zimmerman deleted the image or if it was removed by Twitter.

The posting led to Twitter users hurling insults at Zimmerman.



But a few defended Zimmerman.

This is not the first time Zimmerman’s Twitter feed has been the subject of controversy.

Last month a Twitter user threatened to slap Zimmerman. He responded by writing “We all know how it ended for the last moron that hit me. Give it a whirl cupcake.”

Zimmerman has also used his Twitter account to sell artwork he created.