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PORTLAND, Ore. (CBS Seattle) – A fugitive wanted for his role in a series of horrifying kidnappings and rapes in Oregon has been captured in Mexico after 25 years on the run, reports KOIN-TV.

Paul Jackson and his brother Vance Roberts are accused of kidnapping women off the streets of Portland, keeping them in chains and sexually assaulting them, according to court records.

Though they believe there may be more victims, police know of Michaelle Dierich who was kidnapped at age 20 in 1988, and Andrea Hood, kidnapped at age 17 in 1990.

“The house was like a house of horrors, it was like a dungeon,” victim Andrea Hood told KOIN in a 1990 interview. “They kept me chained to the bed, my hands handcuffed to each corner, they had guns laying around.”

She escaped through a window and police searched the brothers’ home where they found restraints and photos of other girls in bondage.

A Portland police officer recognized one of the photos: a prostitute who had reported being kidnapped in 1988.

Both brothers skipped bail and fled in February 1991, say authorities.

Roberts turned surrendered to police in 2006, he was convicted in 2007 and is serving a 108-year prison sentence.

U.S. Marshals spokesman Eric Wahlstrom said Paul Jackson’s capture was the result of a tip received after an episode of CNN’s “The Hunt with John Walsh” featured the case.

Authorities say Jackson had been living in Mexico under the name Paul Bennett Hamilton.

“There was always that hope in the back of my mind that he’ll get caught,” Andrea Hood told The Oregonian. “I think there will be some definite healing that’s able to happen now.”