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SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – A West Seattle woman who had recently been released from jail is accused of wielding a sword while chasing a man who had bumped into her on a bus, reports thePost-Intelligencer.

Sharnika Joy Armstead, 26, was released from King County Jail six weeks before the incident.

She spent 74 days in jail for assaulting two men with nunchucks after the employees caught her stealing shampoo from a supermarket on May 18.

According to the King County Sheriff’s Office, on Sept. 14 Armstead was sleeping on a Metro Transit D Line bus when another passenger sat down next to her, apparently nudging her awake.

Armstead allegedly slapped the man in the face. The man called 911 and got off the bus. Armstead also got off the bus, according to investigators, and pulled out a “stick-like object” from the back of her hooded sweatshirt.

The sheriff’s office said the weapon was a sheathed short sword.

According to the arrest report, Armstead struggled with the deputies who responded to the 911 call, kicking one in the chest.

Armstead is also accused of punching a woman in the face while stealing her makeup bag at Angeline’s Center for Homeless Women in August.

She faces attempted second-degree assault charges in the bus incident and a first-degree assault robbery charge for the homeless shelter incident.

Armstead remains in jail on $155,000 bail.