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IRVING, Texas (CBS Houston) – The place where a kid can be a kid is trying to appeal to grown-ups.

Chuck E. Cheese has announced it is adding beer and wine to its menu, reports KPRC-TV.

In recent years, fewer families have been going to its restaurants, so the company is looking to renew interest and attract young mothers who may view a visit to Chuck E. Cheese with disdain.

The restaurant says young moms are the ones who decide where their children will eat, and where their birthday parties will be hosted.

The average child wants to visit Chuck E. Cheese once a month, while parents only want to go about three times a year, according to company research.

The Irving, Texas-based company is also adding gluten-free pizza and thin crust pizzas, as well as coffees, lattes, and cappuccinos in an effort to appeal to Millennial adults.

The company hopes its new offerings will attract new customers and boost sales.

The chain was sold to private equity firm Apollo last year for $1.3 billion.