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LONDON (CBS Tampa) – A survey of nearly 2,000 people who self-identify as vegetarians found one in three admitted to eating meat every time they get drunk.

The survey was conducted by a British coupon website VoucherCodesPro.co.uk.

Two out of five of the 1,789 vegetarians who answered questions conceded they sometimes treat themselves to meat when they are out drinking.

Kebabs and hamburgers were the most popular non-vegetarian options, with 39 and 34 percent picking those options, respectively.

The next most popular food was bacon, with 27 percent saying it was their meat of choice; 19 percent preferred fried chicken and 14 percent said they couldn’t resist sausage when out on the town.

George Charles, founder of the website, told The Independent he was not surprised by the results of the survey.

“I know a few ‘vegetarians’ who sometimes crave meat,” he said. “But it seems that a few are giving into their cravings when drunk.”

Most of the lapsed vegetarians reported guilty consciences as nearly 70 percent said they kept their meat binges to themselves.

“I think it’s important for friends of these ‘vegetarians’ to support them when drunk and urge them not to eat meat as I’m sure they regret it the next day,” advised Charles.

While this survey was taken in Britain, there’s evidence that American vegetarians are not immune to the call of meat.

A 2014 study found 84 percent of vegetarians eventually give up their meatless diet.