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SPARTANBURG, S. Car. (CBS Atlanta) – Calling 911 resulted in an arrest for a South Carolina couple, perhaps because of what they called to complain about.

Terry and Casey Fowler called the emergency number to report seeing people and possums jumping out of their refrigerator and microwave oven, reports WHNS-TV.

Deputies were unable to find the house at first, because the Fowlers gave them a mailbox number that didn’t exist. They tracked down the couple to a house a few blocks away.

When asked, the Fowlers denied they had been using drugs. But they did show the deputies photos they claimed showed “worms coming out of the floor of their vehicle” and “midgets and other people camouflaged,” according to court documents.

But the photos showed just a basketball net and a tree. The Fowlers argued that the people in the pictures couldn’t be seen because they were camouflaged.

Despite their protestations, the deputies suspected the couple was under the influence of “gravel” or “flakka,” drugs that are similar to bath salts.

Deputies found that Terry Fowler was wanted in North Carolina on six felony drug warrants and took the couple into custody for unlawful use of 911.