Study: Many Facebook Users Motivated By Envy


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Internet Market Considers MIcrosoft Bid for Yahoo

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – As the Buddha once said: “He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.”

But Buddha never had a Facebook account.

Envy is a prime motivator for Facebook posts, according to a new study from the University of British Columbia.

The researchers found that a desire to “keep up with the Joneses” is what drives many Facebook users to post glamorous photos and put their best foot forward on social media.

“Social media participation has been linked to depression, anxiety and narcissistic behavior, but the reasons haven’t been well-explained,” explained study author Isak Benbasat.

The researchers surveyed people about their Facebook habits and the feelings they have when using the social media platform.

They were asked if they felt envious of others’ posts and pictures, about a quarter of the respondents said yes.

The study found the most envy-inducing posts are travel photos.

Benbasat explained that others see the pictures and start to feel jealous. That prompts them to post their own travel photos or boastful status updates, which can spread the envious feelings far and wide.


North Carolina Nearly Nuked In 1961


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North Carolina came terrifyingly close to being irradiated in a nuclear weapons accident in 1961.

(FILES) A file picture taken in 1971 sho

On January 24th of that year, a B-52 bomber carrying two live nuclear bombs was flying over the town of Goldsboro when a fuel leak caused it to crash.

The pilots lost control and bailed out. The plane broke apart in midair and the two MK.39 nuclear bombs, each with the explosive power of 20,000 tons of TNT, fell to earth. That’s enough explosive power to wipe out Goldsboro, the nearby Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and possibly even parts of Raleigh.

Picture dated 05 February 1991 shows an American B

The accident prompted an investigation by nuclear scientists at the Sandia National Lab and Los Alamos National Lab.

Documents from that investigation have recently been made public by the National Security Archives.

Investigators found that the initial breakup of the plane caused both bombs to begin the arming process.

Each of the nuclear weapons were equipped with an electric switch and other devices designed to prevent an accidental explosion.

The first bomb’s parachute deployed and hit the ground with an impact that jolted safing pins from the generator that provided electricity to the device. Fortunately the switch stayed in the “off” position and the bomb did not explode.

It’s what happened to the second bomb that is most worrying. The declassified report says its parachute did not open, causing it to plummet in free-fall. While its Arm/Safe switch stayed in the “safe” position, the violent movements as the B-52 disintegrated caused the wires inside the switch to connect, as though it had been armed.

The same shock that jostled the insides of the arming switch also damaged wires that would have sent electricity to the detonator, and so the second bomb also crashed into the ground without exploding.

But the scientists were so shocked that the violent impact of a plane crash could activate the arming mechanism that the military replaced the switches on all it’s nuclear warheads.

And so, an accident that nearly wiped out the eastern part of the state ended up forcing a change of how nuclear weapons are handled.

The full story is written in Eric Schlosser’s 2013 book Command and Control of Nuclear Weapons.

A version of this story appears in CBS Charlotte

‘Star Wars’ Director Wants Mothers To Bring Daughters To New Movie


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TAMPA (CBS Tampa) – The new “Star Wars” movie is sure to have enough “pew pews” and “fwoosh fushwoon nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” to satisfy every boy and the inner child of every man who sees it.

But what will it offer for those seeking a more feminine influence?

Well, director J.J. Abrams has you covered.

“‘Star Wars’ was always a boys’ thing and a movie that dads could take their sons to, and though that’s still very much the case, I was really hoping this could be a movie that mothers could take their daughters to, as well,” he told ABC’s Good Morning America.

The director said that through the filmmaking process, he was committed to making “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens” friendlier for female fans.

He said he cast Daisy Ridley as Rey, the main protagonist, because he wanted to provide a role model for girls and young women.

Abrams said that he remembers the magic of seeing the very first “Star Wars” movie when he was 11 years old. His hope for the latest chapter of the sci-fi saga is that mothers will bring their daughters to the theater.

“I’m looking forward to kids seeing this movie and seeing themselves in it and seeing that they’re capable of doing things that they never imagined possible,” he explained.

“Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens” opens in theaters on Dec. 18.

New Spacecraft Will Be Able To ‘See’ Black Holes


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LISA Pathfinder

Artist rendering of the LISAPathfinder spacecraft and its propulsion module. (Photo by European Space Agency)

TAMPA (CBS Tampa) – In a few decades, scientists may be able to solve one of the biggest mysteries in the universe.

A new spacecraft will allow astronomers to “see” black holes for the first time.

The European Space Agency plans to launch the LISA pathfinder mission.

It’s outfitted with special sensors that can detect gravity waves.

While no one has ever seen a gravity wave, it is one of the weird phenomena predicted by Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.

Like ripples on a pond, astronomers believe gravity waves are echoes of the expansion of the young universe. They may also be created when black holes form.

This mission is being used to test the sensors and other measuring equipment.

The European Space Agency plans to launch an even more sophisticated spacecraft in 2034.

NASA teaches that black holes are formed when a massive star dies. Without the nuclear fuel to keep it shining, gravity takes over and the star shrinks. If there is enough mass, the material shrinks to a single point of gravity so intense, that not even light can escape.

Once the technology is perfected, scientists hope to get a direct look at black holes and learn more about these tantalizing objects.

Woman Receives Kidney Transplant From Donor Found On Tinder


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Health Authorities Seek Clues To EHEC Outbreak

TAMPA (CBS Tampa) – Swipe right for a kidney.

While Tinder is usually considered a dating app, a Tampa woman was able to use it to find a match for the kidney transplant she so desperately needed.

Erika Bragen was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease.

Her husband, Scott Bragen, told WFTS-TV that he’s astounded by the kindness of a stranger.

“Through a Tinder blind date, of all things, it was a connection, but it was a connection about hope and about saving a life,” Bragen said.

Rich O’Dea, a friend of the couple, made a connection with Jennifer Thomas on Tinder. After she learned of Erika Bragen’s story, she decided to donate her kidney.

“I feel like I have a front row seat to such, just, an amazing miracle,” O’Dea told the station.

Doctors conducted several tests to make sure Bragen’s body wouldn’t reject the new kidney, and they found a match.

The operation took place last week. Erika Bragen was able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with her family, and, of course, the donor.

“I hope that they’ll keep me because I love everyone that I’ve gotten to meet through this whole experience. It’s really changed my life,” Thomas said.

Bragen says she had extra reasons to give thanks this year.

“I’m so thankful for my family, of course, and my friends. I think my kids are thankful that I hopefully will be back to normal,” she said.

“I didn’t realize how sick I felt until after I woke up and they put her kidney in me,” she added, “and it was just like, I felt like my old self again.”

The Bragens, Thomas, and Team Tampa PKD are joining forces to start a national registry for PKD patients.

“Not only do we have today to be thankful for Erika and all of this that’s happened, but more people are waking up. They want to help, and that is everything I ever wanted,” Thomas explained.

Study: High-Potency Marijuana Could Cause Brain Damage, Psychosis


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Coloradoan's Celebrate 4/20 With Marijuana Smokeout

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – A new study on marijuana use warns the highly-potent strains of the drug available on the market today could cause brain damage or even lead to psychosis.

British researchers studied the brains of heavy marijuana users in South London.

“If you look at the corpus callosum, what we’re seeing is a significant difference in the white matter between those who use high potency cannabis and those who never use the drug, or use the low-potency drug,” study co-author Paola Dazzan told The Guardian.

White matter in the brain transmits signals from one region of the cerebrum to another and from the cerebrum to other parts of the brain. When the white matter is impaired or damaged, it can block communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
Dazzan blames tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in pot. While most marijuana contains onlu 2-4 percent of THC, about 100 high-potency brands of pot contain as much as 14 percent THC.

“What we can say is if it’s high potency, and if you smoke frequently, your brain is different from the brain of someone who smokes normal cannabis, and from someone who doesn’t smoke cannabis at all,” explained Dazzan.

Dr. Romina Mizrahi, director of the Focus on Youth Psychosis Prevention clinic at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, who has studied marijuana, told Digital Journal the damage can be serious.

 “Teenagers think that cannabis is harmless,” she warned. “It is not. And for some people, it’s particularly dangerous.”

The study is published in the journal The Lancet.

George Lucas: ‘Star Wars’ Is ‘Actually A Soap Opera,’ ‘Not About Spaceships’


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NEW YORK (CBS Tampa) – While millions of “Star Wars” fans await the release of the latest movie in the saga, there’s one person who won’t be in the theater: the man who created the franchise.

George Lucas spoke to “CBS This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose about his decision to never direct another “Star Wars” picture.

“The issue was ultimately, they looked at the stories and they said, ‘We want to make something for the fans,'” Lucas explained. “People don’t actually realize it’s actually a soap opera and it’s all about family problems, it’s not about spaceships. So they decided they didn’t want to use those stories, they decided they were going to do their own thing so I decided, ‘Fine, I’ll go my way and I let them go their way.'”

“Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens” will be the first film of the franchise that will have no input from Lucas.

He sold the rights to Disney. J.J. Abrams directed the latest installment, which will be in theaters starting Dec. 18.

“When you break up with somebody, the first rule is no phone calls. The second rule, you don’t go over to their house and drive by to see what they’re doing,” he told Rose. “The third one is you don’t show up at their coffee shop and say you are going to burn it. You just say, ‘Nope, gone, history, I’m moving forward.'”

The full interview will air on “CBS This Morning” in December, as part of our Kennedy Center Honors coverage. Lucas is among this year’s recipients.

Tumbles The Two-Legged Puppy Gets 3-D Printed Wheels


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ATHENS, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – Tumbles won’t be tumbling as much anymore, thanks to a set of wheels built with the help of a 3-D printer.

The six-week-old terrier-beagle mix puppy was born without front legs.

His human family couldn’t take care of him, so he was brought to Friends of the Shelter Dogs, a non-profit, no kill shelter in Athens.

“He’s a little sweetheart and doesn’t act as if he has any limitations,” Angela Marx, rescue coordinator at Friends of the Shelter Dogs, told CBS News.

The group posted pictures of the two-legged puppy on social media.

After sharing several photos of the two-legged dog on social media, a supporter designed a 3-D printed wheelchair for Tumbles to use.

The Ohio University Innovation Center took up the challenge and created the wheelchair. The company has promised to help Tumbles for the rest of his life.

“That means that they will work with us as he grows and needs an altered wheelchair and any other devices they believe will help him,” said Marx.

She added that Tumbles is still learning to use his new “legs.”

“It’s going to be a process,” Marx said, adding that so far he has been a “happy and willing patient.”

Tumbles is still being fostered and is not yet available for adoption.

Report: Flu Vaccine Less Effective Than Previously Thought


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A Romanian gets vaccinated against swine

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – This season’s flu vaccine is not as effective against the virus as had been previously believed, reports the blog Uncover California.

Health experts had high hopes for this year’s vaccine because of changes to the recipe following last season’s disappointing success rate.

Related story: Flu Vaccine More Effective This Year, Also Helps Against Pneumonia And Stroke, Say Studies

Creating the flu vaccine is not an exact science. Health officials from around the world make their best guesses as to what flu strains to prepare for.

They must make their recommendations months in advance so vaccine makers will have time to create and distribute the serum.

So far this year, the vaccine has been found to be just 18 percent effective for adults against the H3N2 strain, the dominant strain this season.

Officials had hoped for 50 to 60 percent effectiveness for this season’s batch.

But health experts say the vaccine is still the best way to fight the flu.

“The single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each year,” says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which urges a yearly inoculation for everyone six months and older.

Couple Calls 911 To Report People, Possums Jumping From Fridge


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SPARTANBURG, S. Car. (CBS Atlanta) – Calling 911 resulted in an arrest for a South Carolina couple, perhaps because of what they called to complain about.

Terry and Casey Fowler called the emergency number to report seeing people and possums jumping out of their refrigerator and microwave oven, reports WHNS-TV.

Deputies were unable to find the house at first, because the Fowlers gave them a mailbox number that didn’t exist. They tracked down the couple to a house a few blocks away.

When asked, the Fowlers denied they had been using drugs. But they did show the deputies photos they claimed showed “worms coming out of the floor of their vehicle” and “midgets and other people camouflaged,” according to court documents.

But the photos showed just a basketball net and a tree. The Fowlers argued that the people in the pictures couldn’t be seen because they were camouflaged.

Despite their protestations, the deputies suspected the couple was under the influence of “gravel” or “flakka,” drugs that are similar to bath salts.

Deputies found that Terry Fowler was wanted in North Carolina on six felony drug warrants and took the couple into custody for unlawful use of 911.